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Village Camp Flagstaff



Family Fitness with The Foundry Yoga (Starting in May)


Rise and shine, early birds and fitness fanatics alike! It’s time to kick-start your day with a rejuvenating morning workout that’ll get your blood pumping and your spirits soaring!

Join us for a fun-filled session suitable for all ages, absolutely free for our guests. And guess what? We’ve teamed up with The Foundry Yoga to bring you a dynamic and invigorating workout experience like no other!

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your fitness journey, this is the perfect opportunity to stretch, strengthen, and energize your body and mind.

So lace up those sneakers, roll out your mats, and let’s sweat it out together! You won’t want to miss this chance to start your day on the right foot with a fantastic workout session surrounded by like-minded individuals. Let’s make fitness fun.


5/4: Yoga Flow

5/18: Pilates

5/26: Yoga Flow

6/8: Yoga Flow

6/22: 26&2 Express Yoga

7/1: Yoga / Pilates Combination

7/3:  26&2 Express Yoga

7/6: 26&2 Express Yoga

7/20: Yoga Flow

8/10: 26&2 Express Yoga

8/17: Yoga Flow

9/1: 26&2 Express Yoga

9/14: Yoga Flow

9/21: Yoga Flow

The event is finished.


Apr 23 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Event Lawn
Village Camp Flagstaff, 1 Vc Dr, Bellemont, AZ 86015, USA

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